Day 1

I meant to post this on Friday, November 2;  I was foiled by Sandy and Cablevision.  Strap on your time machine and bear with me. For the next 35 days (starting back on Friday), I’ll be staying at a house right on the Long Island Sound. I’ll be wrapping up revisions (one hopes) on my dissertation, and doing a little photo project to get back into taking pictures, a hobby I love that I’ve been ignoring for a while. 35 Days on the Sound. And here is Day 1.

Let’s all hope the creativity will kick in and it won’t be all sunsets and collies on beaches. But of course it will start out just that way.

Collie on the Sound

2 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. Hey,
    Was looking over your diss comments and started thinking how has the internet affected memory and the rhetorics of memory and remembering? Will social media and technology become the new personal and collective mechanism for creating and storing memories? Can the internet draw more attention to the composing of memory or will it mask the subjective epistemology of remembrance? You are a postmodern Proust!

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