She lives.
She writes.
She does something besides post banal photos of the beach. And dogs.

Let me begin by thanking the Gods of Procrastination for sending me the following trials, each of which I failed:

  1. The Canon EOS Rebel Camera
  2. Hurricane Sandy
  3. the 5-mile move from Greenport to the beach house in Southold, that somehow took 2 days
  4. driving to pick up Mom and Dad to rescue them from the cold
  5. Mom and Dad staying with me after Hurricane Sandy*
  6. bringing Mom and Dad back home
  7. Election Day and the 24-hour news cycle
  8. the Nor’easter
  9. News12 (see 8 and 9 above)
  10. the Common Cold
  11. Facebook
  12. The urgency of finding the Right Christmas Card
  13. An Unfortunate Underestimation of Nyquil (see 10 above)

And so it is now Thursday, a full week and a day after receiving my revision suggestions from my advisor, and I have yet to do anything about them.

But let me next praise the Gods of Last-Minute-Pressure, without whom I would accomplish nothing. And thus I commend unto them my stubborn, procrastinating writerly soul and hope  that something gets done today.

Maybe if I stopped using passive voice when talking about writing work would get done. Something to think about.


*Anyone reading between the lines here, who knows my mother, knows that she should not be listed here as a procrastination excuse while she in fact gave me more time to work on my dissertation by taking over the complete care and feeding of the Cone canines and feline. Walking, cleaning the litter box, playing, being (playfully) attacked by Scout, providing Honey with a constant source of clean water to keep up with her constant slobbering in the bowl, making sure the cat didn’t eat the dogs’ food, and so on and so forth. Or maybe she should be listed as just that–an excuse–but totally on my part, if that makes sense. What I mean is, my parents were more of a help than a distraction, so the procrastination was all on my part.

One Response to “Stalled”

  1. I love that you’re documenting all this. Don’t be hard on yourself, everyone seems to be lagging with the insanity of the last 2 weeks. Tomorrow is another day.

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