Shrinking, Belated Epiphanies

Small Epiphanies: December 9

Still digesting the Psychic Sisters experience. And the resulting evidence of my rather fragmented psyche.

Still trying to figure out what to talk about during the first ten minutes of my dissertation defense, during which I am supposed to say something intelligent. And probably relevant.

Still unpacking the car from four months of living and writing on the east end of Long Island, with two collies and one cat, and all the various paraphernalia needed to keep them, and the writing, alive.

Still, on a related note, climbing over half-unpacked bags and boxes and suitcases, unwrapped Christmas presents and rolls of wrapping paper,  and sprawled, sleeping dogs and cats, as I try to clear a path through my apartment.

Still catching up on episodes of Glee instead of rereading my dissertation to prepare for the defense.

Still late and still short.


2 Responses to “Shrinking, Belated Epiphanies”

  1. I can totally endorse ignoring work for TV but for Glee? Sorry i can’t get behind that. If it was for All in the Family, Sanford and Son, or ALF, OK.

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