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Small Epiphanies: December 25

Twelve minutes left of Christmas as I begin to write this. But it was a good Christmas. A little subdued and sad without my aunt–I just keep looking for her whenever I’m with the whole family–but having the little kids around always makes things better.

Speaking of little kids–I got my very favorite Christmas gift this year from my little cousin Areyes. Areyes has been taking art classes and producing masterpieces, and I say this not just because she’s my cousin, but because she really is amazingly talented. And she’s five years old.

When I saw the studies she did of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and “First Steps,” I hinted (rather obviously) that I’d love a copy of one of Areyes’ paintings for Christmas. And her parents and grandmother were awesome enough to give me a framed original!

I am proud to own an Areyes Trimmer original, and when our girl is a famous artist, or whatever else she wants to be, I’ll still keep my painting just where I put it today–in a place of honor on my desk, to inspire me every time I sit down to write.

Love you, Areyes! And thank you!

by Areyes Trimmer

by Areyes Trimmer

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