The Time-Shampoo Continuum

Small Epiphanies: January 1

I have been using the same shampoo since 2008.

I know this because last night, I was trying to remember if I own a particular book, and so instead of going through the bookshelves, or the closets, I looked it up on Amazon, and ended up browsing through my purchase history for the past twelve years.

(Yes, I buy shampoo on Amazon. Free shipping. Cheaper giant size. No, not the same bottle since 2008.)

The point is, I have been using the same shampoo since 2008. At least.

How lame is that? Same brand. Same scent.

Time goes really fast as you get old. It’s crazy. It goes so fast that you don’t even notice that you are using the SAME SHAMPOO for four years. Four. Years.

Holy crap. I spent New Years Eve browsing my Amazon purchase history.

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